5 Reasons to Create an Animated Video for your Business



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Video is changing the way we use the internet. Social media is blazing a trail for moving image as a primary media in which we find, watch and digest information. You can create a video in two ways, a footage based film or an animated illustrative video. Where film gives you a sense of reality, animated videos give you limitless access to imagination. Animated videos are digitally illustrated images that are rendered into moving image using specialist software called AfterEffects in the Adobe Creative suite. Here are five reasons why you should be considering commissioning an animated video for your business…


  1. They are Great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google likes video. And if Google likes something, you can be sure it will search for it on your site and score you highly if you have it present. The key thing to understand here is WHY Google likes video. Video increases the amount of “hang time” of visitors to your website, this means that they are watching your video and stay on a page longer to digest information. Google likes to see websites that have visitors landing on them and staying on them to look around and take in information, so videos can really boost your SEO.



  1. They Increase Sales

An animated video is an eye-catching way of getting a lot of information across in a short period of time. 90% of online shoppers stated that videos are helpful when deciding whether to purchase an item or service. This statistic is telling us one thing, that consumers want more video to help inform buying choices.



  1. They Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the alternative internet where traffic is driven to websites all over the world. Having an animated introducer or explainer video on your social channels boosts your image and helps to drive traffic to your website. Telling a story about your business over social media builds credibility and understanding amongst customers and prospects; and leads to greater exposure.




  1. They Get Shared More

Animation videos get shared more. Fact. Text based posts, static image posts all pale in comparison to the stats surrounding the sharing of animated videos. They’re shared a massive 1200% more on social media outlets than traditional ads. Think about this when you are crusing around Facebook during the adverts while watching telly this evening; just look to see how many videos you encounter in a ten minute time period.



  1. They Increase Customer Engagement

You can entice engagement from your audience with a well placed animated video. This sort of post encourages people to walk through the door to an open conversation with you about the video, what you do and how you could help them. Video is more attractive to people and therefore they are more likely to not only share it with their own network, they’re also more likely to feedback on it or ask a question surrounding the content within it. This not only helps your audience understand your business better but also allows you to engage and understand what they’re looking for.



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