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Salisbury based digital transformation specialists Futurum Consulting, recently exhibited at its first ever expo. They greeted visitors at the Business Innovation South Expo on 15th September but, in order to maximise the opportunity, they engaged with us to create some large format graphics to dress their stand and some marketing collateral to hand out to visitors.

Futurum Consulting’s full shell scheme stand all set up

We specialise in getting brands seen, heard and remembered but in order to do this – we must understand what makes them tick. We have to get under the bonnet of the business so we know what they want to achieve from a project. We have to work with our clients, not for them.

This collaborative approach led to the creation fresh, eye-catching designs that really caught the attention of visitors at the expo. Using a consistent design theme and narrative across all materials, we produced pop-up banners, a canvas print, a poster and leaflets, all of which were used to great effect on Futurum’s stand.

Futurum Consulting Leaflet

Founder of Futurum Consulting, Andrew Longland, commented “With this being the business’ first exhibition, I wanted to ensure we capitalised on the opportunity, especially with this being one of the first face-to-face business events to happen for some time. Design Pit took the time to understand what we do for our clients, how we help them and what our values are. This led to some great visuals that we used to full effect on our stand at the BIS Expo”.

This shows great evidence that collaboration between local businesses adds far more value than just finding an anonymous service provider on the internet. As part of the Design Pit approach, a common message of how Futurum Consulting helps elevates businesses to the next level was used. This has since translated into a hashtag of #ElevateYourBusiness being used across social media posts which has increased the awareness the Futurum brand.

Two pull up banners that work as a set and individually

Design Pit design lead Gareth Robertson commented, “It was fantastic for Andrew to trust us with his first foray into exhibiting with Futurum post lockdown. Any expo is a big deal for a business and needs to be done well to maximise impact on the day. When Andrew approached me about this, we arranged a time to sit down and talk about Futurum as a business, the whole expo and what he wanted to get from it – not just what it would look like. My mission is to tell the incredible story behind every brilliant business – design with purpose – so understanding what Andrew wanted to achieve at this show was key to getting the look and message just right”.

60 x 90cm Canvas frame

Gareth went on to add, “After a highly productive meeting, we were ready to press ahead with our master plan! Futurum have a lovely identity and this was an opportunity to develop their ‘visual voice’ further at the BIS Expo. We are thrilled with the end result and look forward to working together again in the future”.

Are you exhibiting this year? Or early next? This could be the ideal opportunity to speak to Design Pit and see how we can elevate your expo game to new levels!

Book a discovery call today and let’s see what we can do together!

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