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After releasing the Decade book to celebrate Design Pit’s tenth business birthday, I decided  to give the brand identity a bit of a makeover.

First up, the Design Pit Truck had a new set of clothes and we went more subtle, a lot more understated than the previous design; but equally as head turning. Check out the undressing and restyling video below…

In an effort to make the Truck stand out in photography online, the website has been redesigned and content reordered. The redesign has been simple and based around a major colour change to predominantly black. The photographs of the truck therefore really jump out when you see the contrast between the white bodywork and black of the site background, but the switch to black as a main brand colour has been very deliberate for several other reasons.

Black represents solidity, strength and elegance. Bringing black into our colour set helps reaffirm our solid credentials as a creative business. Black is also seen as a powerful colour which aligns with our customer value proposition:

Helping businesses to get and keep more customers with powerful graphic design

Design Pit CVP

The use of colour in brand design is one of the best ways to evolve and adapt the identity of a business. And after ten years of utilising the vibrancy of our iconic red colour supported with black and white, I felt that it was the perfect time to introduce an instant and powerful visual change. Switching from vast expanses of white in our online showcase to a rich black colour delivered a huge and striking visual change to our more regular site visitors.

There is a growing movement towards darker backgrounds on websites, with the importance of being mobile friendly. More and more, we are using our handheld devices to consume content online and more and more frequently doing so later at night. Having a website with a dark background makes a difference to the ambient light that is emitted from the screen. It’s not quite as blinding and although it doesn’t solve the problem of late night usage and blue light affecting our sleep, it does go some way to easing the pressure on our eyes. Think of the colour change as a ‘dark mode’ for Design Pit.

Our printed literature has also had the black treatment. We’ve brought the colour in to new literature for the Brand Builder Identity Package, our Decade promo bookmarks and pull up banner kits. This keeps everything in line with the online and our identity consistently applied and delivered across the board.

There are exceptions to the new black colouring though. Obviously the Truck is still white due to it being a white truck! But I kept the business cards white with a red core colour when printing on a luxury Triplex stock. The reason here was purely down to production method dictating that darker colours printed onto the top and bottom layers can visually affect the vibrancy of the core colour. 

What do you think about the new restyle? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. 

Also, what are your thoughts on how your brand and identity are currently looking? Is it consistent? Does it effectively communicate what it should do? Is it in line with your business values?