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Design Pit have recently become an online member of The Boardroom Network; or TBN as the members affectionately know it. TBN is based across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire and attracts up to 100 business owners and decision makers to each event. Currently, the meetings have gone online due to the Coronavirus pandemic but even with that factor playing a part – the 2nd July meeting had 95 people attending on Zoom. When the pandemic is over and social distancing is no longer a factor of life, the face to face meetings will return and traditional networking can resume. This should coincide with a relocation of Design Pit’s head office to the Wiltshire city of Salisbury.



TBN has provided us with a great foundation for a business network on the south coast; an opportunity to work with a whole new group of businesses in a totally new geographical area of the country. Design Pit director Gareth Robertson commented, “The move to the south coast is an exciting opportunity for us to do some great creative work in a new area whilst still allowing us to service our existing client base here in the Midlands. During Covid-19 and the lockdown, we’ve been working remotely from home offices so it has been reassuring to see how easy it will be to maintain relations with our established client base”.



After 8 and a half years as a north Birmingham based company, Design Pit are a well-known and well respected design and marketing service provider in the Midlands and this is one of the reasons why Gareth is looking forward to the move, “Design Pit has a reputation for quality creative work and excellent customer service. I’m excited to transfer this brand to a new market in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire when we move to Salisbury; the city being located close to all three county lines”.


The new head office base will give Design Pit opportunity to work with new clients in Salisbury itself, and nearby towns and cities such as Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol, Bath, Poole, Andover, Portsmouth and Winchester. But with good road routes back to the north, existing clients will still be able to work with Design Pit easily enough.


“I personally have very strong ties with the Midlands and in particular Lichfield. With family living there, I plan to be back up in the area for a couple of days every month to touch base with clients and see my parents and brother. The aim is to have this 48 hour trip at the same time every month so I can have regular check ins with clients. This will potentially mean that some clients will see more of me than they have done previously! We’ve worked with quite a few clients in the Midlands for many years without ever having met them face to face so this could actually be a really good thing for them and us”. Gareth added.


Going forward, there will be an online system available for Midlands based clients to book a meeting with Gareth directly into his diary on the set days he will be in the Midlands. This will be released closer to the move date. For now, while lockdown is still a factor meetings can be arranged on Zoom using this link here.