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Design Pit is an independent graphic design studio based in Salisbury. Founded in 2012, the business has built a reputation for inspirational creativity and award-winning customer service.

We understand the potency of great graphic design and the powerful effect it can have upon the reputation of your business and brand. We work closely with you to ensure you get the maximum value from great graphic design; the power to tell your story and truly engage with your audience.

It’s graphic design powered by a return on imagination.

Whatever your field of industry, we’re here for you. From pharmaceuticals, retail and hospitality, through to manufacturing and professional services, we’ve supplied powerful graphic design to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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We ask powerful questions like Why? How? Who? When? What? and Where? … to build better brands that drive sales, growth and profits.

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The Crayon Dealer

I’m Gareth Robertson and I’m a graphic designer, a visual storyteller, content creator, podcaster and commercially creative businessman.

I founded Design Pit in 2012 after a career working at some of the best independent design studios across the Midlands. After some changes in our family lives, my wife and I decided to relocate our family to Salisbury in the summer of 2020. After successful 8 years in north Birmingham, Design Pit’s brand and reputation was strong enough to allow us to make the move but retain strong links with the region; and we still work as closely as ever with our Midlands clients albeit more remotely nowadays.

Since the move, Design Pit has gone from strength to strength, carrying on building and adding to a reputation for inspirational creativity and award-winning customer service. I’m incredibly proud of Design Pit and brands that we’ve built for clients over the years and look forward to growing our powerful graphic design portfolio from our new base on the south coast.

Meet the extended team…

Design Pit is an agile collaborative creative company. And over the years, we’ve built strong working relationships with creative professionals across the globe who help us service our clients to the highest standards.


The Web Guy

David has worked with Design Pit since 2013 and is our web development specialist. What he doesn’t know about the web, isn’t worth knowing! We’ve created many websites together over the years and also took part in  the Three Peaks Challenge during 2019; click here to see the movie!


The Wordsmith

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. If that is the case then Ross is a dangerous guy. A copywriter from Derbyshire, married to a Canadian and living in Berlin. And planning to move back to Ilkeston… or Vancouver. Listen to his podcast interview here, a blooming marvelous listen!


John Shoots People

No genuinely, he does! But he tends to use a fancy digital camera these days. John is our go-to guy for amazingly composed, beautifully edited photographs that elevate designs to the next level. John is a keen “rugby-ist” and featured in a special edition episode of our podcast; listen here.


Makes things wiggle

James is our master of motion image and makes our designs wiggle and move. Not only is he a dab hand with animation, he’s also a brilliant videographer and a fully qualified drone pilot. See some of James amazing videography work here.

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Commercial creativity

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Roya Sayadi – CEO and Founder, Sayadi Law

“Design Pit went the extra mile to learn about my goals and ambitions before creating truly exceptional designs that look incredible!”

We’re powered by a passion for great graphic design and the passion to see your brand build into a success! Seize the moment to power up your graphic design and boost your branding.

“As a business owner or decision maker in the marketing sphere, you’ll know that image is everything in this game. Looking the part and being seen, heard and remembered is critical to your business. During my career, I’ve helped many people just like you to achieve amazing results in their marketing campaigns with powerful graphic design and I’d love to help you do the same!”

Gareth – Book a Zoom meeting with me today to kick off your next creative project!


Richard Lloyd – Business Consultant and Exit Strategist

“Often creative thinkers can find their minds wandering when business talk gets serious. But Gareth is a better businessman than even he realises and you can see his ‘end goal focus’ in Design Pit’s client work. Looking great is one thing but design must deliver. We called it a ‘creative reality’ when we worked together’ a sales focussed approach to creativity.”

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Tune in and listen to Pod Pit – the podcast from Design Pit

Pod Pit is for business people who enjoy learning about creativity, processes, entrepreneurship, challenge, sacrifice, success and juggling families with running a business and also for aspiring young designers and creatives who are about to fly solo. Click below to see latest episodes.

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