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It takes a good eye, too. An understanding of what makes your brand tick.

The personality of what your brand is, what it stands for.

Your potential, your drive.


Creativity is a powerful commercial tool, and in the right hands it can work wonders.

At Design Pit, we specialise in superior branding that is powered by imagination and experience. For business to business marketing projects, company-wide branding, direct mail, and even re-branding, we have everything you need right here in our Salisbury graphic design studio.

We’re driven by a passion to see your business go from strength to strength, and know just how important great graphic design is to helping your brand reach and fulfil its potential.

If you’re serious about the success of your brand, then invest in powerful graphic design for branding from Design Pit.

We’re ready to listen to you and learn all about your branding project.

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Ed Bailey – Director, Baileys and Partners Ltd

“We trust Design Pit with our graphic design because they’re very goal focused as well as being super creative.”

Graphic design powered by a return on imagination.

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The strength of our unique, all-round marketing solution is that it is designed solely with you and your brand’s success in mind. 

Graphic design powered by a return on imagination. Complete creative control… Make it yours…

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