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The strength of your digital visuals determines how your audience responds. Who stays. Who goes. Who converts.

Wherever your brand appears digitally, you need things to look slick.

Polished. Pixel-perfect.


Our digital design studio in Salisbury is powered by creativity. We look at your brand from top to bottom, take the time to understand the personality of what you do, your brand essence, and distill all that into digital graphics that captivate and engage.

Powerful web design. Stronger social media content. Dynamic mobile app design.

Whatever the size of your business, no matter where you are on your corporate journey, we would love to work with you and develop your visual story.

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Elaine Hutchings – Director, Hutchings Civil Engineering and Grab Hire

“Design Pit were brilliant in helping us understand the value of an online presence. They always looked at the end result and all of the designs they created were geared towards that goal.”

Digital graphic design powered by a return on imagination.

Seize the moment to power up your digital graphic design and boost your on-screen branding.

Website design. Social media content. Mobile app design.
Pixel-perfect, every time.


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for complete creative control.

The strength of our unique, all-round marketing solution is that it is designed solely with you and your brand’s success in mind. 

Graphic design powered by a return on imagination. Complete creative control… Make it yours…

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