Dan Hollyoake

Dan Hollyoake

What we say:

Dan is a key designer and works in the studio creating concepts, designs and artwork for client briefs. His skills in Photoshop are unrivalled but he is equally skilled in Illustrator, Indesign and various other packages within the Creative Suite from Adobe. Dan has a wonderfully creative mind and is a huge part of the team here at Design Pit.


What he says:

“I’m a multipurpose designer of website visuals, brand identities, animations, packaging and I’m the go-to -guy for any technical design related quibbles! Photoshop is my real area of expertise and I’m also very comfortable working with animation projects. My hobbies are gaming, going to the cinema, bowling and I plan to get back into exercise and training at the gym soon!”


Favourite film

I don’t have one favourite film, but my current favourite is Avengers Infinity War.


Favourite food

Pie and Chips smothered in gravy with bread and butter to make sloppy chip filled butties!


Favourite colour

Flame Orange 15-1157


Favourite holiday

That would be Kenya on Safari trips.

“Working in a small team is a preference of mine as it beats being a ‘number’ in a larger organisation. It gives opportunity to work closely with clients giving us the advantage of a friendly face, and clients know they can come to us with a problem that we can help solve.”


“I really love working on new identity jobs. Creating the foundations of a brand is what design is all about”.

“Designing brochures for print is a skill every designer should have”.

“Animation is a great media for getting complex messages across in a short amount of time”.

“I love drawing and shaping designs by hand before digitising them on the Mac”.