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Whatever your touch-point happens to be, whether it’s product packaging, catalogues and brochures, point-of-sale, exhibitions or a combination of them all, you need powerful graphic design to ensure you engage and captivate your audience. And for that, you need the confidence of a strong and creative design studio that understands your ambitions and is willing to go all the way to match them.

You need Design Pit.

Based in Salisbury, our graphic design studio is bolstered by years of award-winning experience in providing powerful graphic design for products… We’re ready to listen to you.

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Rachel Evans – Founder, Staffordshire Distillery

“In a competitive market like gin, shelf presence is everything. I had an idea of what I wanted my gin to look like and Design Pit listened to me and then took it to the next level.”

We know how important it is to make the right impression right from the start, from the first moment of contact between your brand and your audience. Make that first impression a powerful one.

Design Pit… Graphic design powered by a return on imagination.


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The strength of our unique, all-round marketing solution is that it is designed solely with you and your brand’s success in mind. 

Graphic design powered by a return on imagination. Complete creative control… Make it yours…

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