Congratulations on a great re-design and rebuild of our website, on time and on budget! The mandate we gave you was to redesign our website and deliver a regulatory compliant, fully populated website by the deadline of 28th September to coincide with new disclosure rules for our Company. You achieved that deadline despite the extreme time pressure, responding to multiple feedback and commentary from myself and colleagues, with grace and professionalism. Well done Design Pit!

David King, Director Westmount Energy Ltd – September 2018


I have used Gareth and his team to re-brand my business logo and contact cards. Design Pit worked to tight timescales and budgets, keeping my informed of their progress. As I’m not very creative, Design Pit were particularly good at coming up with ideas even though I gave them very little to work with from the beginning!

Gavin Page, Owner Tobizzy2Bake – July 2018


Design Pit recently created us a new logo. They go above and beyond doing research into local companies, finding out what makes your business attractive and working on a look that suits the company. We have had more calls since we changed our logo in a few months then we had had in recent years. Will definitely work with Design Pit again!

Jaime Craven, Director JC Academy – July 2018


I just want to thank Gareth and Dan for the wonderful job you executed for my client. It was like you could read my mind and my brief was translated perfectly into an exhibition stand. Working with Design Pit I know everything will be creatively and wonderfully supported. Thank you!

Hannah Montgomery, Director Golddust Marketing – July 2018


I love Design Pit’s approach to design and the fact that every customer (even small ones like me) are made to feel important. And when a brief is handed over to the studio team you get the same level of care and interest from everyone. Design Pit are, therefore, my graphic designers of choice. They are keen to do something quirky; their quality is always spot on; and the range of skills and styles in the team ensure a good result every time. Design Pit will always be top of my list of recommended graphic designers.

Karen Kirby, Principal Consultant and Director greenshoot HR – September 2017


Gordon Bennett by crikey and huzzah! The inLIFE carton character you have designed for us is brilliant. You listened to our vague ideas and moulded these into exactly what we were thinking. From vast experience working in the web design industry, taking a brief and reading between the lines is a rare skill to master so kudos to you for managing to meet our expectations to epic proportions!

David Whitehouse, Owner and CEO, Inlife Web Design – July 2017


From start to finish Design Pit truly cared about our business and the message. With their experience and advice we worked together to produce not only fantastic marketing material, but also helped with our branding. Incredibly patient and personable in their approach, couldn’t recommend Design Pit highly enough.

Dr Sarah Wright, Owner and Director, DermaReviall – March 2017


Design Pit are the exception not the norm. Most creative bods struggle with organisation and professionalism… not Design Pit! They have the rare ability to absorb themselves in your business so they not only understand what you are trying to achieve, but is then often able to make informed and educated suggestions on how to steer the whole marketing approach, not just the creative element. They are not a “yes men” either, the customer is not always right and Design Pit has both the tenacity and integrity to give the right advice and is not afraid to tell you if something won’t work! Over the years, Design Pit have carried out all manner of design work for me from business cards and fliers to vehicle graphics, banners, brochures and websites. Their knowledge and understanding of social media strategies is also outstanding. I cannot speak more highly of Design Pit, they are exceptional designers with an eye for the bigger business picture; it’s like having your own marketing department at a fraction of the cost!

David Kemp, General Manager, Sommer Event Flooring – August 2016


I approached Design Pit after I received overwhelming recommendations from other business owners. Design Pit helped me produce all of my company’s marketing material and were very proactive in doing so. The very first design project was fantastic and exactly what we wanted.  One thing I liked was their attention to detail and communication. Creative Director Gareth is someone that would get on with anyone, he cares about the end product and continues to help after sales. I would recommend Design Pit over any other I have used in the past. The only word to describe them is: Flawless!

Jason Whittenham, Sales and Marketing Director, Kenect Recruitment and Blackstone Business Group – March 2016


We engaged the Design Pit to develop the initial branding and logo for a new business venture. The development was at a very early stage and the brief for them was limited to a name, a couple of preferred colours and an understanding of what the new business venture was. We found working with Design Pit to be a stimulating and enjoyable experience with plenty of communications to ensure that we were happy with progress at each stage. Crucially, they listened to our feedback and incorporated the comments in to each new version adding that ‘flair’ that lifted the graphics above what we would have been able to produce. The graphic assets were delivered on time and in several file formats to allow us to use in a wide range of media. We are looking forward to working with Design Pit in the future and do not hesitate in recommending Design Pit to anyone looking for a professional and communicative creative partner to help develop their business.

Andy Dyson, Managing Director Sapentia and Fresh Ground Group – March 2016

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