Adding nearly £37k of Sales in under Two Months



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Just as the pandemic hit and our country went into Lockdown, I like many business owners was worried. I was concerned about what would happen with the economy, I was scared about what would happen to my small business after eight years of grafting to build it into what it is today. Starting out in the tail end of a recession, surviving the early days, delivering a profit in year one, taking on staff, growing it all, scaling it back, getting through Brexit (anyone remember that?!)… It has been tough; but rewarding. And now this virus threatens everything…

Or does it? … Early on, I was contacted by a client asking me to support them with Social Media Content Creation during the lockdown. After discussing ideas and plans, we agreed that this could be an opportunity to overhaul the way they did marketing… A new media to utilise and take their offering to a new audience… we pressed ahead and saw some incredible results during the lockdown.

I urge you to visit the case study on our website and see for yourself the results we delivered in less than two months. How we added around £20 – £37k to their bottom line by using Facebook alone to market an offer to a specific audience…

Now… think about your business…

I know that you’ll be innovating. I know you will be looking for ways to adapt what you do. I know you will be searching for ways to work within social distancing guidelines… But what are you doing about marketing your innovation?

Social Media is going to play a huge part in all of our lives over the coming weeks and months. We are all sat at home more often than not, scrolling through our phones. Check your usage history and I bet yours has spiked since late March.

Call me and let’s see how we can leverage this media to best effect for you and your business!