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We are very proud to announce a major award win for or designer Dan Hollyoake who is currently completing his design degree at Derby University. His award win is very well deserved and shows just how committed he is to his studies and work. After his award win, Dan has kindly put together a story here which explains the project in more detail…

“At the beginning of September, I won the YCN Student Award for my design solution for a Fedrigoni Papers brief. Fedrigoni Papers are a large scale manufacturer and supplier of high-end unique papers, more often than not they service many large scale companies and design agencies for their high quality printable deliverables; and despite their high quality and excellent reputation within the industry, many people have never even heard of them”.




“The aim of the project was to create a piece which promotes Fedrigoni Paper’s new outlet store in the London Graphics Centre, called, ‘The Imaginative Papers Shop’. Initially Fedrigoni only sold papers in large bulk for larger scale operations however, there was a demand in the market for smaller scale papers for designers, crafts people and artists, wanting a large variety of premium grade papers for their work.




My initial starting point for the project was to visit Fedrigoni’s paper studio in London, ‘The Imaginative Papers Studio’. This studio contains vast amounts of paper samples, publications, business cards which real world publishers have examples of their work there. I carefully observed, photographed and noted down all of the unique ways paper has been utilised, one of the key aspects of this were the fusions of techniques and colour, resulting in bright, bold, eye catching design, which is one of the main focal points to my solution.




The design solution produced was a mailer with a selection of papers offering much more than just a generic sample set. The mailer reflects the location of the store (London) with an iconic graphic centrepiece to reflect this, this was in the form of the London Underground tube map routes, the multiple colours of this is a strong identity which I feel potential consumers would get immediately, with a subtle message of imaginative layered within the front window of the mailer. The back of the mailer features an identity of the store, the location and general contact of where to find it.




Contained within the mailer is a separate pack of paper example cards, these cards represent techniques people could use the papers for, each card having a word directly linking to that technique. There will be more than one type of a technique, with variants of it, to encourage customers to collect and swap at the store and store staff, referencing back to a tick list to keep track of what has been collected. Overall I wanted this solution to be tactile to the user, stepping away from screen based only solutions to promote the store.




Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the awards ceremony as I was away on my honeymoon! Zoe and I tied the knott recently and the award ceremony was a black tie event at the Barbican Centre (London) while we were away in Florida. I did receive my certificate in the post and my work will be featured in the YCN Annual 2016″.