An Illustrative Masterpiece



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Slushy Joe’s new brand and identity has been completed and launched. After going back to the drawing board and redesigning their logo, cartoon character and typographic elements, the new identity is all signed off.

The logo was a major cause for concern with copyright issues centering around a polar bear illustration that left the directors of the business worried about a potential backlash over who owned the visual rights to the polar bear image. The only solution was to start again, and that is where we came in. We advised Slushy Joe’s to move away from the polar bear character as this is a widely used animal within the frozen drinks industry. We suggested looking at alternative animals such as penguins, orcas and seals; eventually, we settled on an arctic fox to be the new “Slushy Joe”. Here are some photographs that chart the progress of turning our ideas into sketches and then into high-resolution digital artwork.

Not only did we redraw the new character, we then went onto apply the illustration to new label designs for the various flavours on offer. The whole project was a joy to work on and the end result is just fantastic!

Original Slushy Joe’s labels


Sketch work to illustrate new character



New Slushy Joe’s labels