Animation in 2019



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Animation is an area of growth for us, so we decided to spend some time mapping out five key trends and factors that will impact this area of our work and how they will affect companies, marketers and brands that use the media to promote themselves.


1) 3D CGI is starting to lose popularity

Pixar made this cool back in the 90s but we are seemingly becoming less receptive to it as a graphic style. 2D seems to be overtaking it in terms of quality as it allows more personal style to be applied in the design and you can be much more experimental when designing your assets. The process of creating a 2D animation is less costly than 3D and this probably has a bearing on this shift in preferences. Budgets go further with 2D.



2) YouTube is no longer in charge

This is key for anyone using animation as a marketing tool. YouTube is less friendly to animated content and the algorithm they use is constantly changing, so you run the risk of missing traffic when uploading to it. But there are alternatives out there, like Vimeo, who are less picky with the content they host and share.




3) Story Telling with Animated Series

Using animation to tell a story about a brand, product or service is great and this year, more and more people will use this media to tell more complex stories over a series of short animated films. There is a growing culture and craving for series on platforms like Netflix and Sky Atlantic for epic stories such as Making a Murderer and Game of Thrones. The cinema is being rivalled with these binge-watch offerings where we can watch a few episodes at a time and then eagerly await what comes in the next episode. This logic and cultural shift will be embraced and applied by animation producers and marketers this year.



4) Animated Logos becoming more widely used

Our social media feeds are rammed full of static imagery and we are inundated with information in our email inboxes on a daily basis. Look out for more and more animated logos popping up in your feeds, a moving image to break up the monotony of static pictures will naturally draw the eye to a post or content and encourage more engagement.




5) Moving Type

Watch out for more creative use of moving typography this year. Animation helps to convey complex messages quickly and clearly, and typography plays a big part in the storytelling of a message. This year, we will start to see more and more typographic plays in animated videos.