Celebratory Book Project is a Huge Success…



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The Decade Book Project was started in late summer 2021 to celebrate Design Pit’s tenth year in business. The aim of the project was to design and write a book that catalogued portfolio items and plotted the story of the business through the eyes of creative director Gareth Robertson. 

“Writing the book has been a real journey. I’ve always liked the idea of sharing my story in a book like this but never really found the place to commit to doing it.” Gareth continued, “But, when the business birthday came around, it got my mind ticking over and I decided to go for it.”

The book took around six months to compile and write; Gareth planned time around project work to get it done. “Looking back through archives at past projects was really nostalgic. Some of the jobs brought back memories of the early days and it was great to look back on this and see how far we’ve come.”

The limited edition first batch was produced in hardback and Gareth worked hard to sell these throughout March. Once costs and postage had been cleared, the profits totalled £1182. This was donated in full to Parkinson’s UK.

“My mum suffers from this disease and is currently struggling with it. The last 13 years have been challenging since she was diagnosed so I’ve continually supported PUK via the business.”

The book project was a great success and there have been calls for a second edition which Gareth is looking at for late 2022. So if you didn’t manage to get a copy of the first edition, drop us an email here to register your interest in the second edition.