Character design for Inlife Web Design



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Recently our strategic web development partners, Inlife Web Design tasked us with an illustration design challenge. They wanted to create a cartoon character that they could use across a range of media both online and in print. They planned to make the character a fixture in their social media posts and turn him into a mascot with some figurines. After taking an 80s inspired brief from CEO David Whitehouse, our studio got busy with the project.

Our designer Dan took the lead on the job and commented, “The brief Inlife gave us was to develop a fun 80s inspired character to use as a company mascot; and eventually they planned to make the character into a vinyl figurine. The first stage was to gather visual inspiration and references so we could start loosely sketching ideas out from a side view and a front view. I ran this by Inlife as a proof document to gain approval on the style before moving onto any precise digital designs.

“Once Inlife selected one of the design concepts, I began to illustrate the character using Adobe Illustrator©, which is a specialised piece of software that helps to create imagery using vector shapes and colours. Two fully rendered options were developed in Illustrator for Inlife to choose from. Once they made a decision, I then exported the illustration to various file formats such as: PDF, EPS, JPEG and PNG. This gives the client many file formats to cover most requirements for use in print and on the web”.


The end result is a quirky, stylised illustration that will work very well with the Inlife identity and enhance their brand by adding an extra element to the “tone of voice” they employ over social media. Another happy client and another great result!