Consistency across your brand



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Consistency is a vital element that differentiates successful brands and identities from the rest. Your brand will be seen in many different guises in many different environments on all sorts of media platforms. So it is vitally important to have consistency in the execution of your visual identifiers across all of your media.

Your clients and customers subconsciously buy into your brand and recognise your logo, colours, typefaces or fonts and any supporting brand graphics as the visual components that identify your brand. They carry the message and ethos of your company to your audience like a uniform.

Typically, a client may see your identity in many places – letterheads, quotations, websites, social media accounts, leaflets, brochures. It is important that the visual construction of these different media outlets is constructed in a clear and consistent manner – linking them all together as part of a house set. This begins to form the basis of a professional brand that clients and potential new clients will see, relate to and hopefully buy into.

A consistent and professional identity is something that adds credibility to a business and sets it apart amongst its competitors. The brand and identity is a priceless piece of intellectual property that every single business needs to cultivate and maintain over the lifetime of a business. It must adapt and evolve with fashions, trends and styles but it must also remain true to its roots to avoid alienating longstanding clients with any drastic changes in look and feel.

As a creative and professional design company, Design Pit get involved with establishing brands and evolving them with rebranding projects. Working closely with clients to ensure that the identity and brand stands the test of time.