Covid-19 Update from Gareth



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Firstly, I hope that you are safe and well as we continue to battle through the Coronavirus Pandemic. The past few weeks and months have been truly bizarre for everyone and our way of life is evolving into something quite different to what we perceive to be “normal”. I’m keen to learn about your business plans for life AFTER lockdown. What do you think they will look like and what do you need to be doing right now to make sure that your vision comes to fruition?


One thing that is certain in the current climate, anyone who buries their head now will not come out of the lockdown favourably. Business MUST find a way to keep the cash churning. Marketing is often one of the first things to get “cut” in tough times. It is easy to justify cutting back spending in this area but this is probably the worst thing a business could do in times like these. You simply have to be visible, you have to be memorable and you cannot risk being forgotten by your client base.


“So what are my options?” I hear you ask. Fortunately, there are many! You may wish to consider Social Media marketing while everyone is sat at home scrolling through their phones. You may want to try direct mail campaigns similar to this one. You could also use this time to rewrite marketing campaign strategies or even look at rebranding. The great news for you is that Design Pit can help with any of the above with our full circle creative marketing services; so you’re not on your own.


I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a FREE 30 minute Zoom call with myself to discuss forward plans post lockdown. Also, as an added incentive to keep working with Design Pit in print or digital – check out for our range of printed products and have a 15% discount* on all purchases over £30 using the code NEWSTART. During lockdown, due to increased demand, I’ve also launched Social Pit – our fully fledged social media division. If you decide to use social media marketing, I have some hefty offers and discounts available for existing clients who look to work with us in the coming weeks and months.


Get in touch to arrange your Zoom meeting and I look forward to speaking to you soon – stay safe!