Design Pit is 10 Years Old



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It feels like it has flown by. But Design Pit is 10 years old this year. Looking back, so much has happened and so much has changed. From very humble beginnings, the business grew, shrunk, grew again and then morphed into a very different shape that encompassed an online trading arm as well as reinventing itself into a hybrid consultancy, freelance, collaborative operation that is based in a location over 150 miles from where it was established.

The last couple of years have been interesting with Brexit, Covid and the War in Ukraine all happening and impacting on so many factors in life as well as business. The relocation from Staffordshire to Wiltshire also happened during the summer lockdown in 2020 – big moments and brave steps.

Then there have been the truck and book projects during this time period. As well as the official launch of Print Pit – the online print division. The last Decade has been a journey!

Check out some pictures from the archives below…

Where it all began – a desk in the corner of a spare bedroom in Lichfield 2012
The very first official external office – Design Pit HQ #1
Our last studio in Staffordshire – a beautiful space on a farm in the countryside
The fascination with vehicle graphics started with a Seat Ibiza in 2012/13
The Typo-Bot project in 2012. A t-shirt design that won on a geeky designer website!
The CEO popping in to check on how things were going back in 2017
The Three Peaks Challenge team in 2019 – one of many charity events over the years
Part of the purpose built studio in Wiltshire, post re-location in 2020