312 Weeks of Blood Sweat and the Occasional Tear



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The time had come. We had to do it. After six years of graft, 72 months of creativity, 312 weeks of blood sweat and the occasional tear, it became obvious that our identity and brand needed a refresh. And so at the end of 2017, we made a start behind the scenes on the new identity, the new tone of voice and the new look that would address the direction in which we’d found ourselves traveling in.

What we found unravelling around us, was that we’d outgrown our identity and brand. When the company launched on 2012 we were very much a small graphic design shop but now as we arrive in 2018, the business has become a much bigger beast. We now offer so much more and class ourselves as a creative agency with more strings to our bow than ever before.



The curve ball in all of this is that our corporate identity remained strong. We believe that the component parts of our established identity are still recognisable, contemporary and are adaptable enough to support our rebrand. What we needed to do was look at the language and tone to help reposition the brand in line with where the business had grown.


So What has Changed?…

This is why you may be looking at our “rebrand” and be thinking, “the logo hasn’t changed…” And if you are, then you need to read this story… When we say that we have rebranded, we mean it! We’ve not really changed our corporate identity, but we have looked at our brand and how we can change our messaging to align ourselves with where we want to be.




The Process…

The first steps we took were to look at our motivations as a creative team and as individuals. We asked ourselves WHY we do what we do, and this would form the basis for our rebrand. After much deliberation, we settled on our collective passion for learning and a desire to tell stories for our clients as our major driver in our work. From here we developed some copy that would form the base for our messaging online, in print, over social media and also for networking presentations.

Next step was to define exactly what we do at Design Pit. We (obviously) know what we do but how could we quickly explain to someone completely new, what we offer in plain and simple language? For this stage we mapped our verticals, the key areas or category of service that we make money from. After some deliberation internally, we arrived with a core of nine verticals or categories of services and designed some simple icons to add to our “brand furniture” within our corporate identity set; you will be seeing a lot more of these over the coming days, weeks and months!




The third stage involved a more focused look at our ever growing portfolio of work. For too long, this element of our business had been neglected over the years and we’d become accustomed to selling ourselves based on service, locality and word of mouth. Although we’ve had a good amount of success operating like this, the portfolio is something that we have always needed to make more of. The challenge here was to align the portfolio pieces alongside the new service roster that we have developed. We simply had to have folio-worthy work for each new vertical.

Once we had worked through the early stages of thinking, defining and settling on what we were going to do, our website content was overhauled and completely rewritten. We also introduced a promotional video onto the website home page with Google’s new found love of video in mind. The video was carefully considered and shot over three days onsite in the studio.




Our tone of voice on social media was also analysed and addressed; along with the platforms that we were using. We were using Facebook and Twitter as our main social platforms and after careful consideration, the decision was made to move away from these and instead, we looked to build a more coherent presence on Linkedin and Instagram. We felt that these social channels would give us a better direction with where we planned to steer our ship.


The Goal…

To evolve our marketing messages and ramp up our tone of voice. Pure and simple, this is all we wanted to achieve. This shift in language will help to reposition Design Pit as a full service Creative Agency that is set up to deliver for established SMES as well as larger Corporate Enterprises and brands.


The End Result…

The whole rebrand centred around the new website that brought all of the reworked language, messaging and revamped portfolio together in one place. We believe that what we have implemented will take us in the right direction and develop our company brand as we’ve planned. But, as with any rebrand it isn’t really for us to decide on how successful the rebrand is or will be. A brand is formed in the eyes of its audience so only time will tell if this exercise has been successful or not, but it will be a fun journey along the way.