Five top tips for a better rebrand…



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Rebranding is a lot more than changing a logo. 

If you are truly Rebranding your business, then you are probably going to be changing everything that touches your customers in some way or another.

Branding is about your reputation and how it makes people feel when they see, hear or think about your business.

Rebranding will see you testing, checking and tweaking everything from how the phones are answered to what the uniform looks like to what fonts you use on email marketing.

It’s a big deal.

Here are five top tips for everyone to think about when you embark on a rebrand…


  1.  Stop and slow down. Take a helicopter view of your business and look at your processes from top to bottom. Wherever customers interact with your business on any level during a sale process, you need to analyse what happens and ask a big question – how could this be better?
  2. Put yourself in your best customer’s shoes. Be bold and phone them up to ask them honestly why they choose to work with you ahead of others. Ask them what you could do better; be prepared for the truth however it comes back!

  3. Be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself a huge question… WHY do you do what you do? Your WHY is something that drives you to do what you do and will heavily influence your brand. To help, read Simon Sinek’s book – Start With Why.

  4. Use your research to help. With your new knowledge from finding your WHY, analysing internally and facts gathered from your best customer(s), write down your Customer Value Proposition, Unique Selling Proposition and your Mission Statement.

  5. Engage with a designer who specialises in branding to help you to pull the whole thing together. You’ll need external help with this, it’s not something you can execute yourself in-house. You may even need to do this before Tip 4, because writing your CVP, USP and Mission are difficult tasks to carry out!


You may read this and feel overwhelmed at what you have in front of you. But working with Design Pit, we will approach this together. Digging deep and getting under the bonnet of your business to build a better brand that helps you grow!

Get in touch today and let’s see where you’re heading!