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Rugby is a game that is also evolving. You can never predict was is going to happen. Super fans may place bets on the score board, who will win, draw or loose, by looking at a bunch of stats, researching the players and their past rivalries, but they can’t take into consideration everything… This is something we are always telling our clients about web design. Unlike a rugby game a website is never finished. You can spend hundreds of hours planning and sketching but you can’t predict the future of the business, you can’t predict the direction your business will take, so your website will always be evolving to match your changing paths.

We realise that your ‘game’ will also be changing, so we take this into consideration, we create websites which look aesthetically sound, that function smoothly, but are most importantly flexible. Having flexibility allows your company to evolve, change players, change direction and score that try.




If you are wanting to create, or give your site a makeover, here are 5 things to consider.

1. Navigation

This is essential, especially when your website has so many pages. When the website navigation is developed well, users can easily explore and understand your website clearly. It doesn’t need to have state of the art typefaces. Settle for a simple yet intuitive navigation that can make visitors come back for more.

2. Content and Visual Elements

Web pages with too much content will look messy and can affect conversion rates. Visually cluttered pages may be difficult to read, resulting in disinterest in visitors and making them not wanting to come back. To avoid that from happening, it is best to streamline the content, less is more, allowing designs to easily incorporate the text in their design. Designers are able to add negative or empty spaces that let the readers’ eyes rest in the middle of their reading, aiding in the communication of the brand message.

3. Brand Uniformity

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors, and it is identified through a logo. It is important for your target market to recognise your business brand in all types of medium, whether that be for print or web. If there are slight changes in your brand and visual communication, it can result in confusion among your customers and make them feel that there is something wrong with your business, so ensure that there is a consistent identity across your website and printed material.

4. Engagement

Web pages should have an exceptional layout so that they can appear more appealing to the users and make them want to engage with your page.




5. Organisation and Search Engine Optimisation

Just like how we read a book, it is comfortable to read a web page from left to right, top to bottom. Because most people read starting from the upper left area, designers put the most important information there. It increases the chances of relaying your message to the visitors who can become your customers.

Aside from the organisation, it can also the search engine optimisation or SEO. This happens when you incorporate business-related keywords in the HTML text. When search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can crawl into your website, it results in higher search engine placement, which means your website becomes more visible and searchable.

In summary. Don’t try and predict what’s going to happen in the game, react to it in the moment. Just be prepared when something happens.