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Something that is pretty important in business. And also something that invariably, people don’t ask for nearly enough. And definitely something that we here at Design Pit haven’t done as often as we should for a number of years! But this type of feedback from your customers is golden because it helps us to get better at what we do.

If your customers are telling you what has been good, what has been bad and what you can change to be even better, then surely that is only a good thing? Provided of course, you actually act on the information you receive!

After a Marketing strategy session recently, it was decided that we needed to ask our clients what we’ve been doing well, what we can be better at and whether they recommend us. Because like any business, we want to improve and get better ourselves all the time.

We sent a short six question survey out to our database, asking people to honestly feedback to us on all of the above. You have to be thick skinned in case some answers come back negative – but fortunately our responses were all very positive!

Anyone who took the time to feedback to us was entered into a prize draw to win one of any of the products in our Personalised by Print Pit range and all received a discount code to use on our online print shop. This was an incentive to encourage people to interact with our survey and as a thank you for their time.

If you didn’t see the survey because you’re not on our mailing list, don’t worry because you can sign up here! And there will be another chance to contribute feedback next year as we plan to run customer feedback half yearly; to make sure we are performing as well as we should be!

One thing that did come up was, Design Pit should be doing more video content. And this is a very good point to make, as video is an important part of the marketing mix nowadays.

And we have responded. Last week, we spent a day with Bertie Coy of Smash Creative filming some great video content that will be launched in the coming weeks! Keep an eye on our social channels for five (yes five!) new videos that share some insight and knowledge on design, creativity and business. As a sneaky peak – here are some stills from the shoot featuring Gareth stood behind a giant shipping container talking about procrastination!