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In recent times, the impact of video on the web has been nothing short of seismic. As you can see from the statistic above, video is becoming the new standard in internet usage. With established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram embracing video and using it as a driver for web traffic, we are inundated with short clips, adverts, introducers and how-to-demos on a daily basis. We receive videos on our social networks, via text message, WhatsApp and on email; it is literally everywhere we turn and look. But why has it become such a popular media for businesses and brands to communicate through?


Because Google loves video.

  • Blog posts that include videos attract three times as many inbound links as posts without video. More inbound links equals better video SEO and you are ranked higher on Google.
  • A video increases the time that you are likely to stay on a web page. Google likes “sticky” pages where visitors arrive at and stay on while they look at the content on display. Having a video on a page will encourage visitors to watch it and this increases the “stickiness” of the page; and you’ll rank higher on Google.
  • Video transcripts are full of keywords. And Google loves keywords! If you upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo, make sure you upload a transcript as well and link the keywords within the transcript back to your website, this is where you can score some hefty SEO ranking points as you are showing Google that your video content is relevant to your site; and you’ll rank higher on Google.
  • As most people know, Google is the largest search engine in the world, but the second largest is YouTube. There is around 100 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute; just let that sink in for a moment… If you have good video content, use YouTube to drive people to your website and boost your SEO with the increase in visitors; and you’ll rank higher on Google.
  • People love to share. And sharing videos is easy; especially over social media. Any video that is Liked or Shared on social channels can build valuable links back to your website. The more links there are, the more clicks onto your website there will be and Google will see this and guess what… you’ll rank higher on Google.


As well as these examples above, there are more subtle reasons and rationale to utilise video in your marketing and communications strategy, such as stronger customer attention, higher engagement, showing that you are moving with the times by using video-focused technology, stronger emotional connections for increased customer conversions. But the crunch is, Google loves video. It sees video as rich, viable content that adds credibility to a web presence and this is why you should be thinking about video in your marketing and communications strategy in 2018.


Check out our Animated Video Introducer below…




The Benefits of Animated Video…

Animation is a great way of creating a bespoke video for your business that is tailored to whatever message you are trying to get across. Animation is only limited by the imagination and can be adapted to suit whatever audience you are targeting. Here are my Top 5 Benefits of using an animated video within your communications strategy…


  1. Adaptable
    Animation is so adaptable as it is a digitally created piece of media that offers a greater “shelf life”. You can do things quickly with an animated video, adjust and tweak it later down the line when or if things change. No need to re-book the location, re-hire the actors or re-write the script, just re-draw the characters and re-record the voice over.
  2. Bespoke
    Having an animated video created gives you total control over the story, message, styling and execution. No need to find locations to shoot footage at, no need to find actors or extras, no need to pick a day when it will be sunny and no need for expensive props. Animation gives you the video you always wanted with minimal fuss as it is created in a digital space.
  3. Creative
    With animation, there are less limitations than with traditional footage based films. An animation is mapped out based on an idea in storyboard form which allows the creative process to flow and inject memorable elements in static form before the animation process begins. This means that messages can be tweaked at an early stage and there is no need to re-shoot footage over and over.
  4. Dynamic
    Working with creative animators gives you the scope to develop a dynamic and stylish animation that will live long in the memory of your clients, prospects and connections. If you have a dynamic brand, product or service then you should have a dynamic animation to shout about it!
  5. Engaging
    Everybody loves a clever cartoon! We all know the Meerkats, Laughing Cow and the Michelin Man and we build an affinity with these cute and cuddly characters. An animated video can add real personality to your identity with an engaging character who becomes the voice of your brand.


Check out this awesome animated video we created for our clients over at On-Logistics. This animation shows the process of a customer starting their journey and maps out the development, growth and success that they achieve while basing their fulfillment operations with On-Logistics.



Talk to us about animated video for your business and how we could create something that gets the message across in an adaptable, unique, creative, dynamic and engaging way!


Article header photo by Adrián Tormo on Unsplash