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On the 27th July, I did something I’d not done before. I’d not really considered doing it until the opportunity arose. I’d not thought about it as something that was on my bucket list either… Firewalking…

Walking barefoot over hot coals burning at 1500 degrees fahrenheit. Sounds crazy right?! And right up until the moment I walked over them, it felt a bit mad to voluntarily do it. I stood at the end of the run, looking at the pile of red hot coals and ash, thinking to myself “what are you doing?”… The firewalk was a vehicle to show you that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and focus on the end result. Grasping your purpose, finding a target, something to win or something to cast away were all things that instructor Sam Dyer spoke about in the presentation before the walk. Sam spoke passionately about mindset, positive thinking and how life happens for us, not to us.  

After such a strange period of time living through Covid induced lockdowns, the sense of achievement in completing the firewalk was huge. I nearly didn’t do it as well, even as I stood at the end of the coals I questioned myself and motives to do it. There is nothing logical or sensible about walking on something that hot. Every fibre of your being is telling you not to do it but… I did it anyway! 

I used the knowledge and experience of Sam’s presentation to cast away some limiting mindset factors that have plagued me through life. “Imposter Syndrome” is something I battle with almost daily, and I wrote this down on a piece of paper and threw it into the fire before we walked. This is what drove me forwards to walk. Even when I thought I’d back out at the very last minute I reminded myself of what this signified. I looked up at the coals and remembered what I’d written on the paper, looked ahead at the end of the run and saw Sam beckoning me to walk with a huge positive smile on his face. I could hear the rest of the group shouting and encouraging me to take the first step… filled with confidence I walked forwards into the coals and took the five or six steps over the burning hot floor.

It was an amazing feeling to have done it. And it has certainly helped with my mindset and attitude towards my Imposter Syndrome. Although this experience hasn’t “cured” me from this way of thinking, it has given me a new way of counteracting the negative thoughts when they creep in. The firewalk has acted as a flashpoint in time, a moment where I did something that at the start of the evening I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to do. By the end of the event, I’d conquered these thoughts and I just did it. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend this event – or something similar. I took so much from it and I’d definitely be at the front of the queue to do it again! 

And – it is happening again! Sam is organising another firewalk event for November 2021, venue to be confirmed. For more information when available, contact Sam here to register your interest.