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Google runs the internet.

Everything we do as businesses online hinges on whether Google likes it or not. To get found, to be seen, we have to appease Google and work to their standards, structures and systems.

You probably have a designer, web guy or IT person telling you just how important Google is on a daily basis. It is worth listening. Because Google controls how accessible your website is online.

Having a proper profile set up on Google is one of the first steps to getting things done well. Register your business with Google so you show up on maps and in organic search results. You can then input information directly into your Google profile, telling Google what your opening times are, exactly where you are based, your website address, phone number, email address… You can also ask for and display testimonials or reviews from clients on your Google profile.

Google really rates good reviews and if you have a 5 star rating, you will start to climb rankings in search results pretty quickly. It is well worth getting this set up for your business and asking for those all important reviews and monitor progress of your website in search engine results.

Why not offer an incentive to leave a review?

Often happy customers and clients will be happy to leave some glowing feedback but if you can’t get people to hop online and leave a review, offer them an incentive. Maybe a free gift or a discount off future orders. This is the first step to getting Google working smarter for you. Asking your clients to do your selling for you by telling everyone how good you are!


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