Graphic Design Wiltshire: Design Pit Launch a new Creative Vlog… The Monday Morning Commute



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After relocating to Salisbury on the south coast, I decided to reassess my regular weekly content for LinkedIn and other social channels like Facebook and Instagram. As video content is now so important, I wanted to create something that I could execute on video quickly and regularly. At the same time, I wanted something that people would be happy to engage with and support. Content that encouraged a reaction, pulled them towards Design Pit and lead them to becoming a partner, supplier, client or collaborator…


I restructured the business at the end of 2019 to enable me to have a greater control over all aspects of it; the business is now more streamlined and automated than ever before. After the Covid lockdown in March 2020, the whole world stopped and those fortunate enough to be able to work at home did so. I was one of them and I actually liked it. Now I’m here in Wiltshire, in my new home I took the decision to carry on working from home. A garage conversion ensued and Design Pit’s new home was built.


And this is where I found my new content idea!


My commute to work now consisted of a 90 second walk from the house, down the garden to the garage. This was it – the perfect opportunity to record some footage and publish quickly once I sat down at my desk.


The Monday Morning Commute was born…


Reaching out to my LinkedIn community and followers on other platforms, I asked for questions and talking points that I could comment on during my commute. Gathering a few week’s worth very quickly, I began to think about my answers and opinions on the topics raised and made a start in September. The MMC will continue as long as I get queries and questions sent in.


The idea behind all of this is to get content out there that encourages a reaction, inspires conversation and builds a community. I’m asking my network of contacts for any topic that they feel I’m qualified to comment on – anything related to design, the arts, sports, fitness, lifestyle, mental health is fair game and I aim to give every topic air time in due course. I see this as a micro-podcast in video form.


I hope that anyone reading this considers connecting with me on LinkedIn, watching some of the Vlogs and firing some questions or topics at me!