How Product Packaging Affects your Buying Decision



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Packaging design has a huge affect on the buying decision of consumers. The placement of a brand, colours, typography and execution of key messages on the product pack are different elements that consumers subconsciously process in a split second before making the call to buy or not to buy. In a recent study by American packaging producer The Paper Worker ( showed that one third of decision making is based on packaging design.

First impressions matter as the influence of packaging design is subconscious so it is key to have the styling of your product pack clear, precise and easy to understand. The packaging design should also reflect the brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience in whatever you are selling. The demand and competition in any marketplace make shop shelves and e-commerce screens a noisy place – and this makes us lazy. We skim search and generally stop at the item that stands out the most, so make sure your packaging really punches above it’s weight and demands the attention from an audience!

Wording is key but a picture paints a thousand words or with packaging at least, icons get the message across fast. Iconography and associated brand placement can give a sense of enhanced credibility to a product – so get that information onto your packaging and build that level of intrigue and trust will come once the icons and brands are recognised. Layout, colours, typography and general aesthetics are all big considerations but working with a good design company will mean you don’t need to worry too much about that. Let the designers work their magic – just focus your energy on covering all key information and that you like what you see when proofs come back!

Recently, we completed a packaging design for a face paint product that is drop shipped from China and sold exclusively on Amazon in the USA. The product is no different than several others that are already on the market via Amazon so why did this particular product sell so well?


We believe that the packaging design was the soul differentiator in setting this product apart from its competitors. Owner of the AWESOME FUN brand Thrive Enterprises MD Claire Jefferies made the decision to invest in packaging that was designed carefully and specifically for the American market. In doing so, she elevated her face paints above the rest and sales went through the roof.


Claire said, “The fact that my product comes from the same factory as 75% of the competition is the thing that amazes me. There are so many people drop shipping from China all over the States and the world but they’ve not invested in the packaging. The packaging is what builds your brand with an online product and making the call to work with Design Pit was the best decision I could have made early on. They produced a design that was perfect for the American market – the colours, typography and the tone of voice was spot on. It has made the difference and pushed us to the number 1 spot on Amazon in the States for a product in this category.”

If you have a product and you want to make the investment in packaging design count, get in touch today. You won’t regret it!