Insurance Superheroes by Design



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Branding a business with a style and tone of voice that typifies the people within it is no small task. Getting it right so the people at the top of the company buy into it is one thing, but making the whole team buy into a brand and embrace it wholeheartedly is another. A couple of years ago,
we set out on this task without even realising what we were getting into…

It all started with an idea for business cards. We design and print a lot of cards at Design Pit, and we have great ideas for different types of business cards all the time. A lot of the time, some of the most creative and clever ideas are rejected by our clients as too risqué or simply way too bold. This can be one of the most frustrating and restrictive parts of our job as designers, when you can clearly see that a concept or idea is just great, but a client puts the brakes on for fear of being “too out there”. So, we decided to do something about it.


We ran a competition via our Facebook page for any business owner within selected industries to win 100 business cards on us. All they needed do was like, comment and share the video posts that we put up. One of the selected industry sectors was insurance broker, and the broker that looks after our own policies at Design Pit, Prizm Insurance Solutions just happened to like, comment and share the post. The caveat to the competition was that the cards would be delivered but the recipient had no control over what the design looked like; they had to put their faith in our creativity and they got what they were given.

The end result of this exercise has been a prolonged period of time during which we have supplied additional design work based on our business-card concept, which has begun to form a complete rebrand for Prizm. Our “Insurance SuperHero” concept has been thoroughly embraced by the whole team at Prizm, and demonstrates how important a brand is internally as well as externally. A happy team is a productive team, and Prizm MD Peter Robinson went onto explain that “The cards just changed the whole focus of the team. All of a sudden they were believing in our culture even more; it seemed to bring out an extra level. We are not your typical stuffy, suity brokerage. We are real people and we enjoy our work – we are a little bit crazy at times and have fun while we work. Everyone here at Prizm believes this, but when the cards arrived they all bought in straight away and wanted more!


“We’ve now got our own superhero alter egos and we are rolling out the concept of ‘Insurance SuperHero’ into all areas of the business. Our marketing theme is now set to this and, as we move through our journey from day to day and week to week, the superhero theme is being implemented in more areas and different media. We love it, and it is all down to an idea that Design Pit put forward as part of a promotion. After this experience and seeing how my team are motivated by our new look and feel, I’d always put my faith in a professional design team to come up with the concepts for branding. We are insurance brokers not designers; why should we tell them what we want? We’d not expect them to tell us how to insure them – putting our faith in them has paid dividends, and our brand is so strong and different compared to our competitors!”


Above team photo credit – Don Hardy