Launching a New Coconut Flavoured Charcoal Toothpaste



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Back in early 2017, we were approached by a new client to help with the design of a new packaging set for a toothpaste product they were developing and planning to launch in the UK on Amazon. It was an unusual and interesting brief so it immediately spiked our interest! The product was remarkably unique, a black charcoal based toothpaste with coconut flavouring. Totally different to anything that we’d encountered before but our clients assured us that this type of product was on an upward curve in terms of popularity and that their product could really take off quickly after launch. We set about designing several elements including a new identity for the holding company, called Antilla Health. This was a very deliberately chosen name which allowed them to move into other similar areas of health product rather than pigeon-holing themselves as an exclusive toothpaste supplier. After the company identity was established, we moved onto the really exciting bit… The box and tube designs. They wanted a really clean and fresh style with striking typography and high production values in the resulting production of the box and tube. Originally the name for the toothpaste was “Capitan” and once we had gone about designing the packaging based on this name, disaster struck as the suppliers in China announced a potential clash of IP with another customer of theirs. We had to rename and redesign, fast.

Antilla Health Managing Director Tony Baugh commented, “We initially wanted to go with the brand name Kapitan or Capitan, because it had a nice positive feel to it. However, we wanted the brand to begin with the letter ‘K’ rather than a ‘C’ in reference to my wife’s name, Katie. We checked all the usual and obvious starting points when researching brand names, trademarks and competitors using similar names, and Kapitan looked available. It was a green-light at this point and Design Pit cracked on with the branding after our initial brief. However, we were not privy to the Chinese Export Register, a large database in China which prevents companies exporting goods under registered brand names. Only available in Chinese and not easy to find on search engines.

After our name and design was approved in both the UK and China, the manufacturing process had actually started when we found that there was a small Italian company who had registered both ‘Kapitan’ and ‘Capitan’ on the Chinese Export Register. After some pretty in-depth Google searching, researching, phone calls and emails we found that despite the fact the brand was no longer trading, we were told under no circumstances we could export our goods to the UK under Kapitan. There was a suggestion from China to change the design slightly or exporting the goods in a ‘rouge’ way out of China to circumvent the use of the name but we didn’t want to even consider the risks of going down this route! So, after much deliberation, including me and Dan at Design Pit brainstorming all sorts of names including deserted islands in the pacific ocean, we came up with the name ‘Kalkaire’. A play on Katie and ‘Care’. It also incorporates our son’s name ‘Kai’; as a family business this is always something to embrace. It also allowed us to use the double ‘KK’ letters. This in-turn led the way to Dan’s lovely ‘double KK’ pattern which has been used on some of the branding/website, inside box pattern.”

Once the name was set, the redesign was carried out to fit in with the rest of the elements on the pack – which didn’t need changing at all. We arrived at sign off with a fresh, clean and airy design for the box which followed through onto the tube. We assisted with guiding the Chinese production team to place some SpotUV varnish on the box along with some green hot foiling for the Antilla logo. It all looks great and positions Kalkaire as a high end toothpaste at a very affordable price. We look forward to working with Antilla Health in the future as they look to move into new product areas which includes mouthwashes, toothbrushes and CBD oils.

Check out the Kalkaire Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste on Amazon here and why not give it a try?!