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If it’s a choice between the truth and the legend, print the legend. 

Quality print design is like rugby legends, they are remembered. We live in a digital age, but a well-designed brochure, postcard or business card doesn’t end up in the junk. Print isn’t a dying marketing tool, but how you use and treat it, is what could make your dream customer turn around and say “WOW”.

Here at Design Pit HQ, we geek out over well designed promotional material. We have Rugby memorabilia displayed all around the office. Print is something to be kept, treasured and remembered as a memory. We have poster, tickets, programmes, leaflets… the lot! This is proof that print is still worth it! The web is a great tool for fast turnaround content, but if your company wants to be remembered, like your childhood rugby hero, you have to create something that deserves to be printed, used and remembered.




Still aren’t convinced, here are more reasons why print is legendary.

1. Print establishes your brand. Print is an excellent way to establish your brand and informs your customers of the aesthetics qualities of your identity, fonts, colours, images and textures, all of which helps to establish brand recognition and credibility as a business.




2. Helps reach your target market. By leveraging data and demographic, the right design and placement of company adverts in publications, newspapers and magazines could help your brand reach its target audience faster by creating a targeted mailing list you can post regular articles and adverts in publications and send leaflets to current and potential clients, so you are always in their radar.

3. Print is credible. Printed material provides the feeling of legitimacy. You are able to put a piece of print down and return to it at any time to resume reading it. Print actually exists, and can be viewed time and time again, so it’s harder to ignore.


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4. Time. Websites and social media pages are skimmed in as little as 15 seconds per visit. When a consumer if handed a brochure they are more engaged and spend longer looking at it. A consumer, on average will spend 43 minutes reading a brochure. More time means more time you have to convince the consumer that your company is right for them.

5. Less print, is more for you. Most marketing departments attention is drawn to online advertising. But we believe that the old has become new again print media has become a reborn trend. Our inboxes are overflowing unsolicited ads and non-worthy news. So emails that might be worth reading are often ignored. Designing great print should be high up on your marketing strategy! Consider ways of how your company should land on someone’s desk, not always in their inbox.


Design for Print Design Pit


Print is old-school, but there are ways of modernising it to make your printed material function in the digital world.

1. QR codes. QR codes are easy to use and can be customised to fit you needs and your company branding. This allows you to add links to your printed media directing customers to your social media platforms, website or blogs, to learn more about your brand, with minimal effort. Blending print with digital media.

2. Statistics and graphs can be dull, and not very appealing on the eye. Try formatting them as an infographic allows you to reach your target audience in visually appealing and memorable ways. You could also create a digital copy of your printed media online, so it can be shared by your prospects and customers.

3. Social media. Include social media icons and tags in your printed material to continue the conversation online. Post engaging content to promote and remind your customers of your printed material.




Have we now convinced you that printed media isn’t dead?

If you want to become a legend in your field, and if you have something that deserves to be printed, used and remembered. Get in touch! Check out how we have helped some of our clients create quality print media, that is legendary.




We will be opening our doors for guests to meet the team, see our newly refitted studio, check out our portfolio and engage in some face to face networking with other likeminded businesses. Save the date 26th June 2019, get in touch for more details!