Levelling up our Content Game with the iPhone 13 Pro



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After conducting some customer feedback research a month or so back, one of the noticeable action points from the feedback was to incorporate more video into our own marketing. With the digital world more increasingly driven by video, this seemed like a sensible and logical step forward. But we needed to ‘level up’ our content game in order to create videos that would represent us as a design company in the best possible light.

So, I upgraded my mobile last month. I went all in on an iPhone 13 Pro. Have to say it is an incredible device and it has already proven a well worthwhile investment. The camera is off the scale for a mobile phone and the possibilities it opens up for a creative soul like me are bordering on endless!

Check out this short promo video I created for a client recently. Shot in Cinema mode and edited with InShot app on the phone. This was created for social media use so although it isn’t broadcast quality, it is more than good enough for the fast paced world of Facebook.

I’ve also used the phone to record some client testimonials and a short piece of footage for some super exciting promo videos we’re creating with Smash Creative. Here are some outtakes from that:

Next year, it is estimated that video content will represent 80% of all internet traffic.

So, what is your video strategy looking like for 2022? Let’s have a chat about your plans, how you intend to execute and how we could assist.

Here are some static images taken using the iPhone 13 Pro…

Peniscola, Spain

New Forest