Leveraging logos to best effect



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Logo needs a refresh?

Starting to look a bit out dated?

Doesn’t really look right for where your business is at?

DIY logo is not ticking the boxes anymore?


This is perfectly normal in the lifespan of a small to medium enterprise. Often when logos were designed in-house by owner/managers or internal staff, they date incredibly quickly and never really look as professionally credible as they should.

The business has a great brand, it has a balanced and consistent identity but it is let down by a substandard logo. This is the perfect time to Rebadge your business! 

Here are our top tips for Rebadging a business…


  1. Print your logo out on a large sheet of paper. Pin it up in your office and spend time looking at it. What’s good? What’s bad? Write it down. Keep looking at the logo and write down what it makes you feel when you see it. 
  2. Ask yourself WHY you designed it like you did. Be honest with yourself and try to remember why you made the decisions you made first time round. Write it down! 
  3. Ask your team, suppliers and customers for an honest opinion on your logo. Send them a PDF to print out, ask them what’s good, what’s bad and what they think and feel when they see it. Be prepared for the truth! 
  4. Go online and find examples of logos you like, love and hate! Print them out and compare them to your logo as it stands. Write down what you see. Common characteristics, notable features that stand out and anything that catches your eye. 
  5. Engage with a graphic designer to design your new logo. Show them your research and work with them to develop a brief. Don’t DIY your design. 


With a professional designer on board, your logo should be at the forefront of your business for at least a decade. Invest wisely in your logo and spend the time with your designer to maximise the impact of Rebadging your business. Roll out the logo across your Marketing Mix and media gradually as your business grows.

Get in touch today for a FREE Logo Audit. Fill out your details, submit reference files and we’ll analyse your logo design, structure and application. No catch, no commitment, no obligation – just a helpful nudge in the right direction!