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Logo Design

A logo is the key identifier of your company, your identity and brand and the importance of an excellent logo cannot be underestimated. Making a good first impression is so important, especially in business so having a logo that looks great and is memorable goes a long way to achieving this. Getting remembered is one thing but having a great logo and identity is vital to building trust amongst your network of contacts who will feel so much more confident in referring potential clients to you if your image looks the part; and this award winning image always starts with your logo!

So why is it so important to have a great logo?

Before a client makes the decision to buy from you, they will have already developed a first impression of your company, by doing some research on you. Usually, this means that they will have Googled you and looked at your website or Social media presence. If your logo fronts up a strong identity then you will have already made a positive impression and the more professional your logo is, the more likely potential clients are to trust you.

A great logo can inspire customers to do business with you straightaway but sometimes the timing might not be right. If your logo is memorable enough, chances are that they revisit you when the time is right to engage with you to do business. A stroking logo will stick in the mind so make sure you take time to have it designed well.

Nowadays, market places are as crowded as ever and it is more of a challenge than ever to get noticed. Competitor research is something that we do a lot of here at Design Pit, and we’ll ensure that your logo stands out, head and shoulders above the rest giving you clear visibility in your sector.

Your logo should always reflect the quality of what it represents so ensure that your service matches the style and your clients will become loyal to you, your identity and your brand. A strong logo will enhance your profile and brand and this is what clients who have been well serviced, will build and affinity with. There is nothing better than a glowing recommendation from a happy client.

Anyone who is considering whether to buy from you will be impressed by your attention to detail when it comes to your logo, identity and brand. It all starts with a great logo and the coherent application of that logo across your media platforms. If you do this right from the outset, it will be noticed and you will become more and more trusted.