Logos, Identities and Brands… WTF is all that about?



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“So what’s what? Is a logo a brand? Where does an identity fit in? I just don’t get it!”

Don’t stress. It’s easy once you break it down and speak to a designer, who does get it.

Branding is where it gets confusing; this is where people really lose the plot with it all.

Most people think that their logo is their brand, but that isn’t really the case.

A logo represents the brand just as it represents the identity.

A brand isn’t tangible.

It’s not even digital.

A brand is an emotional connection between a customer (or prospect) and your business.

You can’t hold or touch a brand. It isn’t a physical thing. 

But you can cultivate and build it with your actions…


How you do everything in your business, should reflect the way you want to be perceived by your audience.

And your identity should be designed with your audience in mind.

So they immediately think about that connection they’ve formed in their mind when they see your identity applied to a sign, a van, an email…


Your identity is formed from anything that you apply your logo, colours, typefaces, straplines or messages too.

Whatever you design these things to look like, needs to appeal to the right person in the right way.

If your product or service is high end, exclusive and expensive – then your identity needs to reflect the quality. 

It needs to look that way so it stirs the right emotional triggers in the minds of your audience.


Your logo is the flag bearer of your identity.

This single mark is the one thing that ties everything together to form your corporate identity.

Without the logo, everything is just graphics, text and colours that look similar.

Your logo is where you need to start when you begin designing your corporate identity, because everything spins off this mark.

Think of the logo as a coat of arms for your business.

This needs to stir the right emotions to get the right people connecting to your brand.


Your brand is your reputation. 

So all of the elements in your identity that form your corporate uniform as a business need to support the way you want to be remembered in the minds of your customers.

A brand should have a strategy behind it. You should have an idea of how you want your customers to think about you.

And everything you do should be geared to creating that image.

The visual aspects need to be designed to attract attention.

Your messages and narratives need to engage with your audience, offering solutions to their problems.

And your reputation should paint a brand picture in their minds to keep them coming back for more…


Graphic design is where this all starts.

It gives form and shape to your identity. 

This is where things start to happen.

The backbone of branding… 


Get in touch for a free identity audit and let’s see where you’re heading…



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