New Zealand redesigns its national flag



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New Zealand have redesigned their national flag and will put the new design to a national vote during a referendum in the coming weeks. The new design has the famous NZ fern splitting through the centre of the flag. The royal blue and stars pay homage to the old flag and the Union Jack is lost from the previous.



All in all, we think that the new flag is a great evolution in design. Drastically changing the flag would be a risky thing to do, it could mean losing the identity of the country. The new design is a gentle movement forward and maintains strong sense of national  identity.

The Silver Fern design has been created by Kyle Lockwood, a New Zealand-born architect based in Melbourne.

Lockwood says of his design: “A New Zealand icon for over 160 years, worn proudly by many generations, the fern is an element of indigenous flora representing the growth of our nation.

“The multiple points of the fern leaf represent Aotearoa’s peaceful multicultural society, a single fern spreading upwards represents that we are all one people growing onward into the future.”

He adds: “The bright blue represents our clear atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean, over which all New Zealanders, or their ancestors, crossed to get here.

“The Southern Cross represents our geographic location in the antipodes. It has been used as a navigational aid for centuries and it helped guide early settlers to our islands.”



The New Zealand government says of the current design: “The royal blue background has come to represent the blue sea and sky surrounding us. The stars represent the Southern Cross constellation which can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, emphasising New Zealand’s location in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Union Jack in the top left-hand corner recognises New Zealand’s historical foundations as a former British colony and dominion.”

The New Zealand government says that if a Lockwood’s new design is chosen to replace the current flag, this could start to be flown straight away. It says the estimated overall cost of a flag-replacement project would be NZ$25.7 million (£11 million).

So what do you think to the new design? And how well do you think the New Zealand public will react to the evolution of their national flag? We’d love to read your comments!