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When you are selling a property worth millions of pounds, you can’t rely on a standard Particulars document from a high street estate agent.

In fact, using a regular high street agent simply isn’t an option.

And that is where Baileys & Partners come into play.

If you are selling a property or an estate, you’d be well placed to talk to Baileys & Partners as they are just the type of people you need. Experts in land, farm, leisure and energy, B&P will guide you through the complex processes with sales or acquisitions of luxury estates or properties.

In order do to do their job, they need to have stationery, documentation and Particulars’ that are a level above the norm. We were brought in to design a stylised layout for a new sale that B&P were facilitating. The style needed to be flexible enough to be utilised on future transactions. We got to work and once the slick design layout was signed off, we managed the print production to include a beautiful soft touch laminate on the cover and a spotUV effect over the company logo.

The end result was Particularly impressive…