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After months of pontificating, procrastinating and pondering…

Pod Pit is here!

The all new Podcast from Design Pit is primarily aimed at aspiring young designers and creatives who are about to fly solo and set up their own business or go freelance. And business people who enjoy learning about creativity, processes, entrepreneurship, challenge, sacrifice, success and juggling families with running a business.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m Gareth Robertson and I am a graphic designer. I help savvy business leaders be seen, heard and remembered with powerful graphic design.

I’m a visual communicator and I love a good story when it’s discussed with passion. I believe that we learn, grow and succeed by communicating and digesting information through stories. This podcast is a new platform for my large and ever expanding network of contacts to tell their own special story; and for me and others to learn more about them. 

Pod Pit provides insight through stories, guidance through familiar narratives and connection through communication. All guests on the show are real people with real and incredible stories to tell and they’ve kindly agreed to share that story on Pod Pit.

The guest list is looking jam packed with incredible stories from incredible people and promises to be a really interesting and insightful listen. I hope that we can get some traction with it in the coming months”.

Please tune in when the podcast launches and remember to leave a 5 star review if you enjoy the content!

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