Real People. Real Businesses. Real Stories.
Welcome to Pod Pit.

So what is this all about?

Pod Pit is for business people who enjoy learning about creativity, processes, entrepreneurship, challenge, sacrifice, success and juggling families with running a business and also for aspiring young designers and creatives who are about to fly solo.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m Gareth Robertson and I’m founder of Design Pit. This podcast is a new platform for my large and ever expanding network of contacts to tell their own special story; and for me and others to learn more about them. Pod Pit provides insight through stories, guidance through familiar narratives and connection through communication. All guests on the show are real people with real and incredible stories to tell and they’ve kindly agreed to share that story on Pod Pit.

Season 1 is 25 episodes long and covers a variety of topics across the spectrum of business. Listen to each episode live on the site or choose Apple, Spotify and a range of other podcast apps, just search ‘Pod Pit, Gareth Robertson’ in your preferred podcast app. Sit back, enjoy and remember to leave a review!

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