Futurum Consulting

The Brief:

Futurum Consulting needed to make a splash at their first exhibition post-lockdown. The original brief was to design and print two roller banners to use at the show. But after a briefing meeting with MD Andrew Longland, it was clear that they needed more creative input to define a stronger narrative for not only this exhibition but several others later down the line.

The revised brief included narrative development, sourcing suitable photographs for an image bank, redrawing service icons, simplifying the business offering for marketing purposes, design and creation of two roller banners, a piece of expo literature and a branded canvas frame for use on the shell scheme stand.

We needed to get under the bonnet
of Futurum’s business so we could
simplify the message on what they do…

Explaining such a technical and
specialist service at an exhibition
would be a challenging task…

So we broke it down into three simple steps:
analyse processes,
implement improvements,
pave the way to grow…

We wanted to encapsulate the simplified message in what Futurum is all about with a narrative that could be delivered visually but not in a stereotypically corporate manner. After running ideas through as concepts, we settled on the narrative of elevation and taking businesses to the next level. To visually demonstrate this, we incorporated carefully selected stock imagery that gave us a striking backdrop to our banners and literature…

To visually communicate the service offering further, we updated and redrew some icons from the Futurum website to use in print as well as online. Visual and verbal consistency on all media channels is key to promoting a strong message.

To complete the shell scheme stand, we created a branded canvas frame for Futurum to hang at the expo and also take back to the office and use on the wall at HQ.

No exhibition project is complete without a piece of literature to hand out to visitors to remember the name.

And we delivered here too – creating an A5 four page leaflet with the banner narrative and visuals clearly repeated along with a call to action to gather data and set up follow up calls to interested parties.