Skora HR

The Brief:

Optimal HR Solutions (Dorset) Ltd needed a rebrand. They had recently restructured their business and recognised that their company name wasn’t as inspiring as it could be. They wanted to trade under a new name. Something a bit different, something a bit ‘out there’, something more memorable. We assisted with the renaming. Digging deep to uncover a gem hidden away in the founder’s surname. Skora is derived from a Norse Viking word that meant boundary.

Definition: Recorded in several forms including Scurrah, Scurry, Scurrey, Skirrow, Scorey, and Scurrer, it is locational or topographical, and indicates residence by a “scora”, an Old English pre 7th century or the Norse-Viking word meaning a boundary marker, a ravine, or possibly a group of rocks.

Where there are people, there are boundaries and therefore, the workplace is littered with boundaries in many different forms. A boundary has several definitions and all can be linked to Skora’s work:

A real or imagined line that marks the edge or limit of something.
The limit of a subject or principle.
The limit of what someone considers to be acceptable behaviour.

Skora believe that a boundary is something to be overcome rather than something that is avoided. Their mission is to break down the boundaries in HR, whatever they may be or wherever they crop up. A positive approach to overcoming these challenges is the only way to succeed in developing people, growing businesses and retaining the best talent.

After renaming the business, we designed a slick and stylish typographic logo that looks the part in any setting. In a corporate world, less is more and we just love this brand mark.

What the client said…

Selling HR is all about relationships. Trusting someone to support in such a complicated area of business. We designed some simple icons to help Skora to explain their service offering and how they make things easy for clients to work with them:

Proactive HR • Ad-Hoc Projects • New Employers • Outsourced HR Director

We went on to design a striking identity which included a beautiful stationery set comprising of letterhead, continuation sheet and business cards.

The last part of this long term project was to design and direct the build of a new website for Skora. The end result is a fusion of logical navigation and eye-catching digital design.

A special credit to Motley for their work in developing the site based on our design.