Post-BREXIT Blues… Is there a Pantone for that?!



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Post BREXIT Blues may be affecting a lot of people up and down the country, both in and out of work. We are looking ahead now that the vote has been cast, it’s time to roll the sleeves up and get stuck in. So what are we going to be doing in post-BREXIT Britain? In reality, not a huge amount of anything too different straightaway but a lot of things will be tightened up and refined. Here is our five point hit list that is aimed at making things even better for our clients in the post-BREXIT world that we now live in…

Focusing immediately on our existing client relationships.

Existing clients are important to every business. We plan to talk with our clients more now than ever. Asking how we could do more to support them, where they need us to do more or what areas of our business they don’t understand. This will hopefully, strengthen relationships and establish us as an extended department rather than a mere supplier.

We’ve stopped talking about our marketing and sales plans, and we’ve started doing it.

Before our own marketing and communications were admittedly more reactive than proactive; the old plumber’s leaky tap scenario being ever so relevant. So now, we’ve made a point of allocating time, resources and money to work on our own business. Dedicated time on this will inevitably lead to better communications with existing and new clients.

Continual investment in our team members.

In order to action the above areas, we’ve grown our small but highly skilled creative team. With more hands on deck, we’ve extended capacity and spread the work load. This means more creative minds working under less pressure and that means better creative solutions across the board.

When we experience a rare period of downtime, we’re not sulking.

Quiet times are a fact of life. Instead of panicking or sulking or worrying, we’re embracing these (rare) quiet periods and using the time effectively. More of our own marketing, more client contact, more time allocated to trade shows or exhibitions. Time to clear up admin that’s hanging around or time to work on our studio. This kind of activity will make the quieter periods seem less of a drag and fill the days with a sense of achievement after completing necessary tasks that need to be done but always get put off.

We’re not giving away our work for nothing.

It’s long been a policy of Design Pit’s that we do not enter into pitch work. Carrying out hours and hours of design work in hope of being selected to carry on and complete a project is not a scenario that we’ve ever been comfortable with. We want to make a difference for our clients and we want to work with clients that appreciate the value we bring and what we add to their bottom line. If we must jump through several hoops just to have half a chance of working with them, giving our time away for nothing in some cases, then we will respectfully decline the opportunity to pitch. This policy will mean that we always put our heart and soul into all of the work we put out for our clients. Being great at what we do is vitally important to us, being up to date with latest software techniques, being as creative as we possibly can be is imperative. And so is being paid.


That is our Post-BREXIT Hit List. Some of it is already in effect, some of it is ongoing and some is due to begin imminently.

What are you doing now the UK has decided to leave the EU?

What will be different?

How are you preparing for change?

We’d love to know – so get in touch!