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What can be learned from the past year of pandemic and lockdown? 

There must be some takeaway that we can seek out and harness knowledge from to make our lives better in the future. If we don’t learn from this horrendous period of time, then we’ve gone backwards as we exit the Covid era and emerge into the new normal.

Over the past 18 months, Design Pit has changed dramatically from a small design agency with a team and premises into an agile and lightweight creative business formed on a network of collaborators. The Covid era has facilitated and fast tracked some developments in automation, technology and software so that the company has carried on servicing clients to the highest of standards despite the restructure going on in the background.

Looking ahead, there is more to be thankful and positive about than the current situation may suggest. We can say with a fair amount of certainty that this will be the last lockdown as the vaccine roll out in the UK has been exemplary and the numbers keep going up. Also, the lockdown measures are clearly working as we see the key stats – cases, hospitalisations and deaths – slowly turning the way we want them to go and start to fall. We know that the economy will explode in new and exciting ways once the country is unlocked – and as businesses, we need to get excited about that and prepare to capitalise when it happens.

Going forward and in preparation for this, here are Gareth’s key takeaways from Covid and how he believes we can learn from the darkest periods in our history…

1) Family comes first

Image credit: Emily Moya/Robertson Family

We all knew this but how many of us still prioritise that quote, the contract or phone call and end up late for dinner or miss a bedtime? We’ve all done it and we may well do again in the future but family should always come first. Those special moments we shared with family during the summer lockdown, are moments we will never get again…

My takeaway: Time is our greatest asset, Be more effective and efficient with my work hours and control my diary to make sure I am around more for special moments with my wife and daughter. 

2) Geography is no boundary

Image from Google Maps

We should avoid focusing too much on being ‘hyper-local’ in our work. Although it is great to work for people or businesses who are close to where you live or work from, we’ve just spent a year talking to our neighbours on FaceTime and keeping at least 2 metres away from our family at all times. We’ve not been close for so long now and in business terms, this year has proven that supporting clients from distance is not an issue and can be done. The IT world has leapt forward about ten years as it was forced to catch up with remote working and it looks like it is here to stay.

My takeaway: Think bigger with your reach and don’t let geography stop you. Use the advances in technology to support clients anywhere in the world. Remote working and face to face support are both things we need to embrace post-Covid.

3) Social media needs to change

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I work in social media and support clients with content creation. But I’ve started to really dislike social media at certain times during the pandemic. The fake news, lack of fact checking, the data breaches, the trolling, the hate, the total lack of control of use, the lack of validation of information sources, the total lack of responsibility and the way repercussions of misuse… it has typified some of the worst traits in human nature. I believe that social needs to be governed by an unbiased body that holds the networks and users accountable for what is made available and how the networks are used.

My takeaway: Use social media for good. Observe, understand and fully digest information carefully before responding. Never make a comment in anger or in frustration and avoid at all costs any form of negativity from other users or connections. Stop sharing any posts or information that cannot be substantiated with hard facts.