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Every business has a brand. How a brand is visually delivered to an audience heavily influences whether the business is perceived as a credible organisation. With powerful graphic design carefully driving the identity of a business, the brand can be developed and nurtured as the business grows.


Design Pit Branded Pickup Truck


A lot of smaller enterprises simply don’t believe in branding as a concept, thinking that it is just something for bigger businesses. But in reality, the reputation of a small business is what actually forms their brand. And a great many small businesses pride themselves on the strength of their reputation and this proves that every business dies in fact have a brand. Just like people have personalities and reputations, so do businesses. A brand is the personality of a business and this is formed by everything it does and how it does it.


Recognising this is a big thing. Because once a business recognises their brand and starts to understand the power and importance of it, the sooner that its power can be fully harnessed. Having a strong brand leads to greater customer loyalty, better staff loyalty and directly influences the creditability of a business. The phrase “your reputation precedes you…” is very relevant in branding because a good brand should always precede a good company as they go into a sales meeting.


What is vitally important to remember is, a brand is a lot more than a logo. A brand is everything a company does and the emotions it stirs up inside customers that ultimately convinces them to buy from it. It would be well worth having a read of our Blog on Logos, Identities and Branding here to fully understand the difference between these key elements.


Established in 2012, Design Pit has a proven track record of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to build better brands with engaging visual stories. Based near the south coast in the Cathedral city of Salisbury, Design Pit is ideally positioned to serve small to medium sized businesses, larger and established SMEs and corporate businesses across Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset.