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In the digital age that we exist in, being seen, being heard and getting remembered online is one of the biggest marketing challenges faced by businesses. The internet is driven by content and the quality of that content determines the visual footprint of a business in this day and age.


Simply being present on social media is just not enough. The need for a strategic and focused approach to content is key to delivering the exposure that every business craves. Looking at what the message is, how that message is delivered and what metrics to measure success by is all part of the service we offer to clients who are looking to make an impact online.


We work on a blueprint that contains three key content pillars:


  • Authority
  • Community
  • Promotion


Authority is all about building credibility and developing a reputation as the expert in the room for your industry. Community is focused on getting like-minded followers of your brand to engage with your content and interact with each other in an effort to build an army of followers who promote your brand for you. And Promotion is all about subtly selling your product or service; this must be done gently with care and attention so not to alienate your community or jeopardise your standing as an authority in your field.


Bold, brave and brilliant content creation and carefully considered deployment across Facebook, Instagram and MailChimp. Well structured campaign strategies that are aimed at pushing traffic to dedicated web pages where the sales process can begin.


Based in the central south coast area, we are well positioned to serve clients in and around Salisbury, Amesbury, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Ringwood and Poole with powerful content design that elevates their online presence and enhances the footprint on multiple platforms.