Powerful Graphic Design for Products in Salisbury



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People buy with their eyes. We are genetically programmed to seek out the most visually appealing things when we are looking for something; think about the phrase, “the first bite is with the eye…”



Whether selling online or in-store, packaging plays a huge role in how a product performs in terms of sales. Appealing packaging that gives a strong sense of creative identity, not only drives sales but builds the brand, the company and product.


With a Google search, you can see some pretty impressive statistics on how packaging directly affects buyer decision making and the positive impact on sales. This vitally important part of any product is something that should be considered very early on as it plays such a huge part in the buying experience and how the brand develops.


Packaging can come in many different guises – boxes, board backers, cartons, cans, bottles, shrink wraps. And there are variety of production methods for the materials and formats available. Getting the design right and the artwork formatted correctly is key to ensuring the packaging not only looks great but performs well when in transit and unboxing!


Design Pit works with small and mighty brands that are disrupting their marketplace with exceptional products. We help eye catching packaging designs and manage production processes – our portfolio includes some stylish and varied design styles for a range of products.


With our central south coast base, we are perfectly positioned to service businesses across several regions including Salisbury, Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Andover, Bath and Bristol with powerful packaging designs that pack a punch on the shelf or on screen.