Powerful Graphic Design is like a Brolly for your Business…



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Just before Christmas I sent out some festive gifts to a number of clients and contacts that had worked very closely with Design Pit during the lockdowns of 2020. I sent them an umbrella with a letter that discussed the relentless thunderstorm of Covid and how the year felt like a constant downpour as we slid from crisis to crisis, lockdown to semi-lockdown, closure to temporary closure and all the way back again. 

David Whitehouse from Inlife Web Design and Digital Marketing

John French from Fuse Events and Lisa Millward from Millward Wealth Management sporting their new brollys

I felt that a good brolly would serve these clients well during the colder, wetter winter months as we got closer to Christmas. And in many ways, the umbrella is the perfect symbol for how powerful graphic design serves, protects and works for businesses.  

Let me explain… 

Often the first time a new prospect comes into contact with your business nowadays, they’ll find you online; especially if you are predominantly a B2B organisation. Usually, getting found like this will mean visitors discovering your website or coming across a social media account, or stumbling upon your LinkedIn page or profile. Then, you may get found from press advertising; if you do that kind of thing as part of your marketing strategy; maybe a trade journal or a glossy advertiser perhaps. There is also foot traffic, if you have premises of course. The key thing that links all of these contact points together is the corporate identity of your business; and graphic design provides the component parts for this. Your corporate identity becomes the uniform of the business that is seen and recognised by your audience across various media. And this is where my analogy starts to take shape… 

With a strong and professionally constructed identity, a business will have a better clarity of message and a clearer tone of voice.  

This will allow it to speak with confidence and purpose to the right type of prospective client or customer. Powerful graphic design will get the message across to the right type of person, at the right time, in the right way and if the design is done well enough, the corporate identity will protect the business from a downpour of inappropriate or less desirable prospects. Knowing your demographic and understanding what appeals to that type of person is important and harnessing the power of graphic design is key to getting the right visual messages across.  

Graphic design acts like an umbrella in other ways as well.  

It can help to paint a positive picture when things go bad. Think about the lockdowns of 2020, when the world stood still, industry stopped and economies froze… scary times for many businesses indeed. The bold and brave pushed on and fought through – often diversifying and marketing new offerings or services. Graphic design provided a brolly here, spinning positive messages and deflecting the torrential waves of negativity with strong imagery and engaging typography. 

Powerful graphic design is a key tool when visually communicating with your audience. When applied strategically and carefully, with support from a professional design company it provides much more than pretty pictures and nice colours. Design gives a business a tone of voice and visual narrative and these things can be applied flexibility to suit the message you need to deliver at a specific point in time.  

How flexible and agile is your identity? Could it be time to reassess how much protection it provides your business? Get in touch and lets run an Identity Audit to see how your business stacks up.