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Facebook have given us a Dislike button, well… Sort of! For what seems like years and years of users calling for a Dislike function on posts, Facebook has released the Reaction options…


Hovering over the Like button will make a panel appear where you can select your reaction to the post. They’ve limited the reactions to a set of 6 which extend your Like to include things like a Wow, Haha or an Angry. The thinking behind this development is seemingly to maintain positivity in reactions to posts. Allowing users to react in a negative way and Dislike a post directly could cause a very adverse shift in the way the whole platform is used. 

We believe Facebook have been really cute in the way they’ve introduced this feature. Allowing users to add detail to a reaction to a post but still using the Like function is a great “halfway house” to a Dislike button that everyone seems to be clamouring for.

All Reactions are counted as a Like, so even if someone reacts with an Angry you still get a positive score on the post. This is the case for now but is subject to change; not everything shared on Facebook is intended to be Liked so allowing users to do more than just Like something is important – so why should every Reaction count in the same way as a Like?

Surely, users will demand more detailed analytics on Reactions and will want to see what posts delivered what sort of reaction from followers. Has a post had the desired effect? Has it delivered the reaction expected or intended?

What do you think? Is the new feature a good idea as it looks like Reactions are here to stay?!