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I’m not and never really have been a big reader. I’ll happily flick through the pages of Rugby World but very very rarely will I choose to sit and read a book. And if I did read one, it would take me an age to finish it; often so long that I’d give up on it and never finish it.

On my business journey I’ve heard countless times of the merits of reading to expand the horizons of the mind, developing deeper thinking and generally becoming a more rounded thinker.

And, this year I decided was the year I made a focused effort on doing exactly this. Reading more to expand my horizons. After a period containing some quite big changes for me, my family and my business that included a complete company restructure, an office move, some tough challenges with my mental health, my wife changing jobs, then the global pandemic, relocating the family and business some 150+ miles to a new home during the first major lockdown, my wife starting a new job, my daughter starting school, building a new dedicated home office to work from, rebooting the business in a new geographical area and setting up an e-commerce arm to the business… I look back on this two year period and my plan back in January to read more was not only to expand horizons but maybe also to escape the busy and hectic times that I was experiencing.

I’m not a fan of fiction. But I do like learning about people, their experiences and processes for doing well at something. I also like learning about thought leadership, theory, overcoming challenge and drivers for success.

Four of the first ten books in my year long challenge to read a book every month.

As I write this on Sunday October 3rd, I’m 50 odd pages into my tenth book of the year. So I’m well on track to complete my 12 in 12 challenge. Some of the books I’ve read are completely non-business related and others are very much focused on work, career and business but I’ve taken away something on a personal and professional level from all of them. I start each book with an open mind and don’t expect anything from it – I certainly don’t expect it to change my life completely in any way. But I leave my mind open to change while reading. And I have found that I’ve taken smaller little bits from many of the books and implemented certain things into my routines on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And some of these little nuggets have been hugely helpful in life and business.

In January 2022, I’ll be publishing a blog on my website that details my 12 in 12 Book Reading Year. I’ll do some super quick reviews of each book and reveal my takeaways from each.

My questions for everyone today are, what are you reading right now? What are your takeaways from your reading? And why do you read?