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Animated videos can work for any business. No, don’t hang up! It’s true!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the amount of video and animations that are constantly shared online.

In 2015 O2 created an animation to celebrate their 20-year partnership with England Rugby. In some ways this was a recruitment campaign, to recruit the whole nation to support the England rugby team, to provide inclusivity and to invite none rugby fans to join this elite membership. This campaign need to be imaginative in order to break that mould, to break away from the rugby fan group and involve and appeal to everyone in the country, and animation was the answer. This animation allowed O2 to get creative and break away from their core audience to invite a new demographic of customers to this very elite team.

Check it out for yourself!


Behind the scene footage.

I wonder why O2 decided to create an animated video rather than a live action video?

Well we can tell you…

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider animation.

1. Let your imagination run free

Due to the fact that there is no physical recording happening within animation, you can go as crazy as you like in terms of content, despite still forwarding a reasonable message towards your product or service. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with to get your video noticed.



2.You can be creative without needing a massive budge

That means that if your goal is producing creative video content you’re going to be in a much better position to do so with animation. Everything on screen is digitally created so no expensive sets, actors, lighting kit, audio visuals or photography equipment.

3. It’s malleable.

Make them giants’ animation is 4 years old but it’s still relevant and could still be used today and still have the same effect. If you want to change a live action video you have to get back the same actors, dress than in the same way, return to the same location and hope for the same light just to change one scene. With an animation you have none of those problems. All you do is jump back into the animation, open your file and shuffle around the bits until they are how they’re supposed to be. And hey presto! You’re done. The advantage of that is obvious. It allows you to test run videos, see how they work out and then tinker with them based on what people think. With animation you are in control.

4. Simple communication

Animation allows you to explain complex terminology, idea, products and services easily- elevating confusion.

How can I use animation I here you say. Well here are 9 reasons animated videos can be used for businesses.



5. Share-worthy!

Adding videos to social media and website sites will increase you SEO ranking, engagement and reach. Some videos can get thousands of shares; therefore, choosing engaging content for all generations is the only way to survive in a world where short-attention spans win over patience. Allowed O2 to inject some creativity into their social media and TV advert breaks without relying on live footage- adding to the inclusivity of the campaign and game.



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